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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Norah June is 3

Wow we have a three year old!  This girl is just so incredibly amazing.  We are raising SUCH a kick ass, strong, vivacious, out going, caring, loving, sweet soul.  She is the product of my husband and I and our greatest joy.  She is the reason why I know I'm doing something right at motherhood.

She weighs 31lbs and is 36 inches tall!  She's in that between stage of some 3T and some 4T clothes and size 7 shoe already!  We've still never cut her hair and now it's almost to the top of her pants.  Her eyes are so blue like her sister's and she's thinning out more and more each month.

This girl is so smart!  She loves to count and can get as high as 20 on her own.  She knows her ABC's and especially the song.  She picks up about 10 new words a day I swear.  She is getting really good at expressing her feelings too which we really love.

Potty training!  We started in the middle of March and she's done so good with it.  We take her every  1.5-2 hours and she pulls down her own pants/panties, pees, grabs tp, wipes herself and flushes.  She even washes her hands!  I love it.  She's really so big when we give her that space to do things on her own.  She's our first, so it's hard judging how much to let her struggle with doing on her own and knowing what she's capable of at what age.  We love seeing her progress and become more independent.

She puts her dishes in the sink, clears her leftovers in the trash on her own and wipes her own face and hands.  We're working on getting dressed/undressed.  She does really well at restaurants and it's nice that we've raised her to be able to sit at a table and wait for a meal without needing phones or ipads to keep her entertained.  We've really worked hard to not rely on that when we go out and do things in public.  We're really trying to limit her screen time/movie time.  When I first brought Scarlett home she watched a lot of TV.  Now that I'm more comfortable with two kiddos, we're backing away from it and getting back to our normal routine.  When we do watch a movie her go-to's are Mune, Cars 3, Moana and Frozen.

Norah loves anything and everything outdoors.  She loves wandering museums and markets.  She loves to hike and hit the park.  Swings are her favorite activity at the park!  She enjoys coloring and playing with stickers.  She really loves putting on lipstick and nail polish.  She'll strut around the house and spin, feeling so pretty.  I love to watch her when she's like that.  She LOVES to snuggle face to face with little sister when the lay down together.  She loves following her big cousin Elise around and mimicking everything she does.  Such an impressionable age she's at!

This girl loves to eat and will still try anything once!  She loves baby carrots, bananas, oatmeal every morning for breakfast, milk, juice, crackers, grapes, peas, mashed potatoes, suckers, cheese, eggs and sausage.  She's at the fun age when you ask her what flavor of ice cream she replies, "Pink aug ceam!"  She never turns down a doughnut either.

Museum junkies

She makes us laugh ALL.  THE.  TIME.  She mimicks us talking on the phone.  Rough house's with Daddy and her laugh is so contagious.  She calls us stinky and orders us to shower after we come home from a run or the gym.  She loves to pretend imaginary food is rotten and spit it out.  She also has this game with Kit called "naked kitty"...I don't know why it's called that.  Norah will ask him to do "naked kitty" and he'll growl like a cat and hiss and she cracks up every time.  She loves to take your hand and dance.  She dances to every song she hears and doesn't care where she's at.  She's done a year of ballet now and she absolutely loves it.  She dances, kicks, twirls and jumps all the time.

She loves her little sister and has since day one.  We were ready for aggression, regression, and fits but she proved otherwise.  She has shown nothing but love, snuggles and care for her little sister.  Poor Norah went through so much this year with having to share her parents and gaining a new sibling.  She handled it all so well.  When we go somewhere without Scarlett Norah asks where she's at.  Scarlett is the first thing Norah asks about when we wake her up in the morning.  It's really so special to see.  Scarlett likewise smiles when she hears Norah singing or hollering and loves her tummy time snuggles with her sister too.  Norah is the best helper and fetches things we need for baby when we can't reach.  She says things like "It's ok baby, Norah's here" when she's fussy.  <3  We still love that she calls her "Baby Scar-Day".  We've sort of adopted "Scar-Day" too, it's just too cute.

Norah really enjoys when we read books to her.  Her favorites are these old dinosaur books that used to be her Uncle Josh's and her Dad's.  They're rather old for her but she knows 4-5 dinosaurs by their scientific name.  Pretty impressive.  She loves the flip flap books too where you flip up a flap on each page.  She enjoys when we sing songs to her too and we love hearing her sing along with us or to her sister.  She loves the ABC song, rockabye baby, Little bird, Dad's "clown song" which is an old CCR song LOL and twinkle twinkle little star.

Our favorite phrases she's saying these days are:

"I don't care Mama"
"Baby isn't listening!"
"I said no!" (sassy thing she is)
"Sissy is my best friend"
"Sure...of course I do"
"Not God Mommy, say Gosh!"
"Talk to the hand!"
"Today is a beautiful day"

She's actually moving to the preschool building this week for daycare, so now she'll be at the big girl school!  It's hard to believe this is her last year of daycare.  She still naps for 1-3 hours a day when she's at home with us.  She transitioned to her toddler bed during the fall and she's been doing so well out of her crib.  She's just not our little baby anymore.

I could write and write about this girl, but I think I'll call it a night here.  We just love this sweet soul so much.  We're so blessed to be her parents and to have the pleasure of watching her grow up.  She really makes life amazing.  We love you our sweet Norah June and we hope your 3rd year is amazing!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 5 Months Old

Weight and Length:  12lbs 4oz, didn't measure length

Diaper: Size 2

Clothes: 3 months to 3-6 months

Eating: 5-6 BFing sessions a day, no solids yet

Sleeping: Sleeps 8-9 straight through

Our petite Scarlett is only one month out from being alive for half a year!  Man this is just going by so much quicker than with our first baby.  Scarlett is just so sweet and loveable.  This month her personality is really starting to shine through and we love seeing little glimmers of her sweet self.

This month she made a lot of leaps!  She mastered (like a champ) rolling onto her tummy!  Now she won't hardly lay on her back, it's so funny.  She flips over onto her belly so quick.  She's grabbing items better and shoving them all into her mouth.  She can also sit up for a few seconds at a time alone, so we're slowly getting stronger to finally be able to sit on her own.  When she's on her belly she's also started using her arms to spin around.  Not quite crawling but the beginnings I think.  She cooes and laughs at us when she's happy.  She always smiles when you smooch her cheeks, so we do that often.  Lastly, she found her sweet little fat feet!  It's just the cutest.

We're still exclusively breastfeeding!  It's been pretty hard at work to find time to pump 3 times in a 12hr shift but I'm making do.  She's still smaller than our pediatrician would like so I added a ounce to each bottle she gets at daycare and even a teaspoon of olive oil to each bottle for the extra calories.  Strange right?  I've never heard of that but I really like our pediatrician so we're trying it out.  We are holding off on solids until she's 6 months old, so just a few more weeks until that!

She sleeps through the night but getting her to sleep has been a battle.  She's such a light sleeper since we aren't swaddling her anymore.  Her startle reflex is still pretty strong so when I lay her in her crib she startles awake every time and then it's a cry it out/rock it out battle for a while after that.  Exhausting, but once she's down she's down for the night so that's good at least.  She is still napping twice a day for about 1-3 hours at a time.  This month we transitioned her out of her swaddle and it was the hardest thing so far.  We started with just unswaddling one arm for 2-3 nights, then went to both arms out but her waist still swaddled...and that took about a week to get used to.  Now that she rolls like crazy she refuses to sleep on her back.  Ugh, drives me crazy! Haha

1 arm in, one out!

Miss Scarlett loves her big sister.  She sucks on her cheeks and Norah just thinks that is the funniest thing.  Norah pats her on the back and says "Calm down baby, Norah's here" and "i love you baby" and "Mama, she gots my hair!"

Scarlett loves being outside.  She loves to people watch too and just laugh up a storm.  She loves peekaboo, when we sing or read to her, this yellow duck toy and bath time.  She loves when we hold her above our heads and this earthquake game we play with her.  It's even cuter to see Norah mimic these games with her.  Always watching!

Scarlett just fits in our family so perfectly.  We all love her so much and we count our blessings daily.  We're lucky parents!

Some of our favorites from the last month!

First Easter

Grabbing her feet!