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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 2 Months Old

Weight and Height: 9lbs 10oz and 21 1/4 inches long

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: 0-3 months

Eating: 6-8 times a day

Sleeping: 8-10 hours straight through

Sweet Scarlett is 2 months old!  She had a crazy month with her first Christmas and New Years!  She successfully slept entirely through both.

We're still breastfeeding strong!  I've got about 100oz stashed in the freezer for when I return to work next month if need be.  I'll probably have close to 150oz when I start back.  She eats first thing when she wakes up (0800), around 1000, 1230, 1530 and then sometimes cluster feeds in the evening.  I put her down about 8-9p and she sleeps through until about 5-6a then sleeps until about 8!  Again, we've lucked out with a great sleeper again.  My husband is convinced it's my super milk, but who really knows.  Hopefully it holds out for him when I start the night shift at work.

This month she started to smile!  I haven't been able to catch a good one on camera yet, but she has the cutest dimple on her right cheek.  No one in either of our families have dimples so it's naturally adorable.  She's started to coo at us and is very observant.  She favors laying on her right side so we're focusing her on her left and trying to strengthen that neck with plenty of tummy time during the day. 

This week we moved her upstairs but she had a bit of a low grade fever last night so back to our room until she feels better.  It's such an odd feeling having both kids upstairs sleeping.  Our room looks so much larger without the huge pack n play.  Next step is moving the rocker upstairs too once we transition big sister to her new bed. 

Scarlett naps anywhere (car seat, k'tan, ergo, swing) but doesn't nap long during the day.  She naps for maybe 45min to a hour at a time, but she's sleeping through the night so I can't complain.  She loves it when Norah talks to her.  She loves being carried around the house and is a fan of our singing voices.  She really enjoys standing up on her feet too.  Hopefully her legs get strong quick!

She is definitely the most juiciest baby we've ever had.  She is the spit up QUEEN.  Norah NEVER spit up.  Like ever.  Scarlett is such the opposite and there's no rhyme or reason to it.  So.  Much.  Laundry.  But she's cute so I guess we'll keep her.  She farts loud and proud too.  It cracks Norah up everytime she hears it. 

This next month we're going to try our first weekend away with all four of us!  Hopefully the road trip and few nights away from home go pretty smooth.  It's also my last month at home with her until I start at my new job.  We have her a spot lined up at the same daycare as big sister!  I'm so excited to go to work but I know I'll cry that first week when I leave her.  It's just so hard to leave your vulnerable little baby in the hands of others.  We can't wait to see how she changes and develops over the next month!

Pictures from this past month!

6 weeks old

2 month check up and shots

First big bath!

Monday, January 29, 2018


Well the time finally came...I'm thirty years old!  It surprisingly feels great!  Honestly it doesn't feel any different than 28 or 29 but ask me in 6 months.  My awesome husband scheduled an amazing day for me.  First he let me sleep in!  Then sent me away in the afternoon for a few hours for a massage, nail appt and to a healthy new lunch place on Brookside.  It was an amazing few hours!  Then when Norah June woke up we sang and ate home made lemon blueberry cake! 

Then we got all dolled up and I mean dolled up!  Hair and nails did and a crushed velvet dress and heels!!  He took me to this semi-secret bar/steak place called Bull in the Alley.  Best steak we've ever had and definitely biggest dessert.  We sat at our booth, ate and drank for 2.5 hours and talked without interruption.  It was all I could ask for. 

Honestly I'm in such a great place in life right now that it's impossible to mope about being 30.  I have an amazing husband with whom I've built this rock hard, fun, adventurous marriage with who turns out to be the BEST father I've ever seen in real life.  I have made two beautiful children that we love watching grow, spending every day together and dragging them with us for all our adventures.  I've traveled abroad more than most have even dreamed of and done it all with my best friend.  I lived out my dream of becoming an officer in the military and cheerfully closed that chapter on my life.  I've now earned THREE college degrees (1 associates and 2 bachelors) with money left for my masters in the future.  I finally get to embark on a career that ignites my soul and I get to do it on my own terms.  Before I got pregnant with my second baby I was in the best shape of my life, at 29!  I know I'll be there again soon, and stronger at that.  I just really have zero room for regrets, saddness or take backs at this point in my life.  It all hasn't been easy or without sacrifice, tears and student loans but it's been 100% my choice and my path.  1000% worth it.

I have some big dreams these next few years and we have some hefty family goals as well to meet.  I'm so excited to see where this next decade takes me and my family.  Cheers to the best decade!

Happy 30th!! <3

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

Last holiday of 2017 has come and gone, and our baby Scarlett's first Christmas!  We stayed put this year in Tulsa because of the new baby and my husband's work schedule.  We aren't college kids who get 3 weeks off anymore or in the Air Force and get a week of free leave!  We were so happy to not have to travel around to 2 or 3 different houses.  Shout out to our families who came to see us instead!

First we celebrated with my in-laws.  Norah loved the cousin play time!  They are at that age now where they just scream with excitement and the thrills of fake ghosts they see and chase each other around.  It's hilarious.  Norah has to do everything big cousin Elise does.  Watching them play is the best.  She got her first real big present ever, a huge dollhouse from Nana and Pops!  She loves it and has played with it everyday since.  We ate a yummy brunch, watched the kids open gifts and watched junk TV the rest of the day.  It was a great kick off to the holiday weekend!

Next came Christmas Eve.  We stayed put in Tulsa and started the day off at our favorite breakfast place Dilly Diner.  I finally could have more than one cup of coffee and a mimosa!  Then we people watched at the mall, came home and baked sugar cookies with Norah for the first time.  She loved helping me cut the cookies out and decorate them.  I can't wait to include her more in baking, she loved it.  Then we hit Starbucks and all loaded up in the car to drive around and gaze at Christmas Lights.  It was a great time and I would say Norah's favorite thing about Christmas is the lights.  We will have to for sure put that on our list for next year.  Afterwards we put cookies and milk out for Santa and hit the hay!

Christmas Day was exhausting, exciting and magical.  Scarlett had us up at 6:30a so we had to wait for big sister to wake up.  She came downstairs and said "Santa was here!"  She doesn't quite get the concept but she's catching on!  She kept saying Wow!!  We did stockings and then gifts.  So. Much. Wrapping. Paper!!  It was one of the best yet.  Norah actually tore into her gifts with her face all lit up and it was just the best.  Sweet Scarlett slept through it all!  Hard to believe next year she'll be walking around, tugging on the tree I'm sure!

This book I started for him in August 2014 when he first started law school.  It's an album of pictures, grades and life events that happened for him throughout law school!

Christmas mess in the best mess

This awesome guy got me bumper plates to go with my "pull gift", my bar bell!!!

First pair of lululemon's..hooked!

Can't wait for the building to begin!

Christmas morning at 0630!

Mama is making some major PR's this year!  Thanks love!

Later that day Maka and Jack came by and had more gifts for Norah.  Her favorite was an educational activity desk to learn her colors, letters, numbers, body parts, animals, etc!  It's awesome and I like that it's set up to sit at a desk mimicking school.  Maka finally got snuggle time with Scarlett!

My Stepdad cut this tree down and made this!

My awesome Mom knew we needed a freezer bad (our old one died) and I have a breastmilk stash that needed a home.  Thanks Mom and Jack!!  I can freeze meat again!

We had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of four.  We loved keeping at home, maximizing our down time and cooking yummy food.  Next year we've talked about going away for Christmas since we won't be able to use Scarlett as an excuse to keep home haha.  We'll see!  There's just something to be said for not traveling 10+ hours in a car in a matter of 3 days lol. 

Merry Christmas from all FOUR of the McVays! <3

This marked our 10th Christmas together.  A decade worth of Christmases!  We've spent so much time a part over the years due to deployments, school or Air Force schools but we always manage to see each other on Christmas.  I love you!