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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 8 Months

Weight: 16lbs 4oz

Length: Didn't check!

Diaper:  Almost in a size 3

Clothes: 6 months, some 6-9 month items

Eating:  Breastmilk 5-6 times a day and solids at least once

Sleeping:  Through the night and 2 naps a day

This girl just keeps getting better and better.  She's sitting up really well and is finally starting to get up on her knees, but still insists on Army crawling.  She's almost got the transition from sitting to crawling or crawling to sitting thanks to some PT with Nana one weekend.  She's babbling and yelling but we're still waiting on that first word!

She loves to pull hair, especially my baby hairs and Norah's long locks.  She prefers to sit, stand or be on her tummy.  She dislikes very much to be on her back anymore.  She loves to grab at food from our plates but isn't a huge fan of baby mush.  She prefers finger foods.  She really loves being outside!  Surprisingly she's not a huge fan of the Ergo for very long, so we're trying to break her back into that.  We've been wearing her less because it's SO hot outside!

Still no teeth yet, but her sister was a late bloomer too.  She chews on EVERYTHING though, so we're just waiting for them to pop through.  We're working on things like clapping and pincer grip too.  I just love watching babies develop and find their way.

This month we celebrated her first 4th of July!  We both had the day off from work so we swam, enjoyed family time and even drug her to watch fireworks from Dad's high rise office.  It's so funny that this was Norah's first year to stay up late and watch them, but when you're the second kid you get drug to all of big sister's things too!

The weekends have been so full of swimming, park time, trips to the library, ice cream dates and morning bed cuddle sessions.  This summer has seriously been amazing with these two beauties.  Next month we have Scarlett's first vacation and flight to look forward to, and living out the last month of summer!

Enjoy pictures of this month!

Always on the move!

First nap with Sissy

First time in the swing!

poolside babes

Always pumping for my lady!

Stopped to nurse to smile at Mama <3

Target Time

Touching my face like her sister always would at this age.  I love it!

When I don't work nights I soak in being able to nurse her to sleep

Those thighs!

This morning Norah asked to hold the baby.  She hasn't asked to do this in months, so of course a picture had to be taken.  Scarlett is getting so big I just don't know if this will be the last time. 

Letting Norah run off energy at the Children's Museum and poor Scarlett couldn't hang. #secondbabyproblems

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 7 Months

Weight: 15lbs 3oz

Diaper: Size 2

Clothes: 6 Months

Eating: 5-6 nursing sessions and one solid a day

Sleeping: Through the night and two naps a day

Well we obviously love grabbing our feet!  This girl is just growing so fast on us!  This month we had a lot of fun and growing.  She started sitting up really well this month!  She almost crawling on her knees too, but getting quicker with her army crawl.  She's close to pushing herself up to a sitting position but not quite!  So much "BaBaBaBa" and growling, yelling.  This girl is trying to keep up with her loud sister and she's doing a great job.  We love hearing the babbling.

We had a busy month with our ladies!  We are really good about still going out and doing things even though we have our sweet Scarlett.  Poor thing doesn't get nap breaks at home like our first born did, second born problems lol.  She gets drug along for all our adventures, but she takes it so well.  She still naps where ever, whenever and breastfeeding ensures she's got milk 24/7.  She's fitting in with our on the go family lifestyle perfectly.  This month we went to a blueberry farm and picked blueberries, road tripped to Arkansas to see her grandparents, went to her first baseball game and first trip to the Tulsa Zoo!

We also had 6 month photos done of Scarlett this month by the awesome Hazel and Haze Photography.  We did them with Norah and absolutely treasure the hell out of them so I wanted to do the same with Scarlett.  I really try to keep up what we did with Norah for Scarlett as best I can.  They turned out ah-mazing!  Here's a few of the favs!

So special

I love breastfeeding photography.

Nursing feet

Pictures from the last month of our growing girl !


First zoo trip

First baseball game!

Picking blueberries

Giving Mama kisses

Sitting up on our own now!

Sink bath