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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 10 Months

Weight: ?

Length: ?

Clothes: 9 Months

Eating: Breastfeeding 4-5 times a day and at least 2-3 BLW meals

Sleeping: From 7:30p - 7am

This month we started off with a bang!  We took little miss on her first plane ride and big family vacation to Florida!  She did surprisingly well on the flight.  We left so early that she breastfed at take off and slept the entire two legs.  She loved her first dip in the ocean too.  She would just giggle and look up at us when the waves hit her feet.  She also ate her weight in sand, so fun!  She's a little Mer-Babe just like her old sister for sure.

This month brought some new things Scarlett started doing.  She's finally crawling on her hands and knees!  We've really been trying to work with her to hit that development point.  Finally about a week or two ago she started doing it herself.  She's pulling up to stand now.  On EVERYTHING, like can't keep her down.  She's not quite cruising yet, but I'm sure we aren't far from it.

We've been more adventurous with our BLW meals lately.  She's getting cheerios, gold fish, and everything soft that we can share with her.  I made Aunt Jenna's famous ranch mashed potatoes and I think that's her new favorite.  She kept shoveling those in her mouth so fast.  She's also a fan of ice cream and still salty french fries.  It's so funny how that sayings are true with your second.  We never let Norah have sweets of any kind until her first birthday.  Scarlett has had everything we have as long as it's soft enough for her to gum!  She still loves her milk though and I don't see her self-weaning anytime soon.  We're slowing working on sips of water from a sippy cup for practice, but so far she hasn't figured it out yet.

This month her new favorite thing to do (thanks to big sis) is to completely clear out all the Blu-Rays and DVDs from our entertainment center.  Yay.  We watch her grab the knob, reposition herself and yank it open with pride!  Then one by one she clears each shelf.  Little stinker!  Norah has really started to involve Scarlett this month in her imaginary play.  She loves to "teach" Scarlett, role play (Norah's the mama, Scarlett's the baby) and play hide and seek with her.  It's the best thing to watch these two love and play on each other.

She dislikes being tired, poor thing gets pretty cranky when she needs a nap!  She hates when I leave in the evenings for work.  Lastly, she throws a fit when you take the remote away from her little grasp.  I don't know why, but she's obsessed.

This girl is just so much fun, so sweet, best cuddler and most patient little sister a Mama could ask for.  Just two more months of soaking up time with a baby in the house!

Our favorites from the last month!

Poor Baby

Their little legs only kick against your belly for so long...

Our first OSU Football Game!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 9 Months

Weight: 17lbs 5oz

Length: 26 inches

Diaper: Size 3

Clothes: 6 months, 6-12 months (little big)

Eating: Solids 2-3 times a day, breastfeeding 3-4 times a day

Sleeping: One 2-3 hour nap everyday and sleeping through the night (7p-7a)

We had a great month! Little Miss started babblig more and even started saying "Dada!"  She's pulling up to her knees and it SO proud for it.  She's finally rocking her on knees now, but not quite crawling on her knees yet, still just Army crawling.  She loves this game we play with Dad...I'll be holding her and she act like she's going to Kit then laugh and nuzzle into me while peeking at him. SIKE!  So cute. 

We went to her 9 month check up (no shots!) and the best thing was she went from 10th percentile in weight to 80th percentile in weight!  I was SO happy!!!  My little petite girl is finally putting some meat on her bones!

Happy tongue!

Sweet Scarlett is still breastfeeding 3-4 times a day.  I'm only pumping once a 12 hour shift now!  We've cut down quite a bit, more so then I think I did with Norah at this age.  I don't think I'll breastfeed Scarlett as long as Norah (2 years).  Best part is still no visit from Aunt Flo yet!  She loves any and all food but I'm pretty sure french fries are her favorite.

We donated 400 ounces this month!

Still fits on my nursing pillow

We visited a lot of family and friends this month!


Papa Mike!

She also got her first passport this month.  This passport photo almost didn't qualify because she was smiling so much...ugh so cute.

Our favorite pictures from this month!

Thunderstorm watching

Playing hide and seek with sister