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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Scarlett is ONE!

I still can't believe this already happened!  Our sweet Scarlett girl turned one year old!  Here's a link to what we were doing that exact day one year prior! Scarlett Kay's Birth Story

She just rounds out our female dominate family oh so much.  She loves her Norah, Mama and Daddy so much.  It's so hard to remember our life now before she came.  Norah won't ever remember a time without her.  I love it!

We celebrated with family and friends at our home!  Oh course, Mama chose a pumpkin theme for our Fall babe.  We had cupcakes, a smash cake, sugar cookies and pumpkin spice chex mix!

This girl was a little hesitant on her cake at first but once she got a taste there was no stopping her!


Next we opened presents and cards!  Thankfully big sister Norah was there to help haha!

Huge thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our sweet baby now toddler!  We made it our first years raising two kids.  It was a little rocky at first, but I love our family so much.  We can't imagine our lives right now any other way.  We love you sweet Scarlett, may this next year pass a little slower please!!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Scarlett Kay: 12 Months

Weight: 18lbs 8oz

Length: 28 inches

Clothes: 9 months to 12 months

Diaper: Size 3

Eating: 3 meals + two snacks of solid foods plus 3 breastfeeding sessions (morning, noon and night)

Sleeping: 12 hours through the night (if she doesn't cough/barf herself awake)

My oh my that was the quickest year I've ever experienced.  When we had our first, we felt like that first year just drug it's feet!  Mostly because we were living in two different states and we were ready to all be under the same roof, but still.  I swear it went so much slower then Miss Scarlett's first year.  I seriously just don't know where it all went.  Thankfully I kept up with the blogs and her baby book, so I have some idea.

Let's start with what this little girl LOVES!  She loves her sleep, still sleeping through the night about 12-13 hours with a 1-3 hour nap mid day.  She loves to EAT!  She really loves everything she can feed herself, especially crackers and peas.  This past month she was ALL about Mama.  Like serious stage 4 clinger.  She'd grip my neck when I'd try to pass her off to Daddy, she'd cry meltdown style anytime I would set her down to leave the room.  This girl just really loves her Mama!  She loves being outside, and sprint crawls to the back door anytime it's open.  Lastly, she loves to point at everything with her cute little index finger!  She points to anything that intrigues her.  We play a little game where she point to our noses and we say "nose!" then our mouths "mouth!" and then she just giggles up a storm.  She's also a huge fan of sticking that finger up my nose or in my mouth when she nurses....little stinker.

At her 12 month wellness check, always pointing!

Speaking of, she's still breastfeeding strong!  We've cut down to just three nursing sessions a day, but I'm hoping to drop the midday one next.  I don't see her self weaning anytime soon.  She signs strong for milk every night or in the mornings when she comes downstairs with Daddy.

Made it ONE year!

What breastfeeding looks like with two toddlers!

Always fun and games!

Poor thing has been congested with a nasty running nose and mucous for like the last three months.  So much so that she'll cough so hard it'll make her throw up.  Especially in the car.  So fun. UGH.

She dislikes when Mama walks away from her anytime.  She's still not a huge fan of the car seat though she's tolerating it better.  She isn't a fan of avocado, boo!  Lastly, she hates laying down when she's trying to play (note that all her monthly photos she's crying because she doesn't have time to lay down and pose!) Not much really she doesn't like.

This month we celebrated her first Halloween!  She was Luna girl with the family then a warm, snuggly unicorn for trick o treating!

PJ Masks + Luna Girl!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving on the day of her actual birthday!  Such a big girl!

Thanksgiving in OKC with the cousins

Waking up as a 1 year old!

Favorite pictures from this last month as sweet baby Scarlett!


OSU Homecoming!

Baby Poke

Zoo Trip

First carousel ride

Getting our Christmas tree after TG!

While Mama is at work, she puked in her bed so Dad got to visit with her at 2am!

I can't say enough how much this girl brings joy and laughter to all of us.  We all love her so much.  Norah can't remember life without her and really it's hard for us too.  We're so glad to be your family baby Scarlett!